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Rock Empire are a French cover band that plays mainly in the south of France, but can also travel out of his area.

We have more than a hundred songs in our repertoire, chosen primarily from the artists we love, from Little Richard to Bruno Mars and from the big names in rock, pop, soul and rhythm & blues.

We perform at weddings (cocktails and parties), village parties, birthdays and all kinds of events.

We hope to communicate our high energy and charisma, and our pleasure to make music.

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We now play mostly as a five-piece band, performing more jazzy and soul songs for the ceremonies, and more pop & rock dance music for the evenings.

We always aim to propose an energic show, with good humour and to make the guests dance.

We're listed on FixTheMusic's Top 11 Best Wedding Bands in France For 2024 🏆

We can DJ between and after our live sets if required.

We always come to the venue with our own equipment (PA system, lights, etc).

We always agree to learn songs for the first dance, for example.

Here are just some of the locations where we have been booked by clients on FixTheMusic:

  • Château de la Valouze

  • Château Destinée, France

  • Manoir de Longeveau, Pillac

  • Chateau La Gauterie

  • Chateau Brametourte

  • Château de la Ligne

  • Chateau Lacanaud

  • Castelnau des Fieumarcon

  • Château la Grave Béchade

  • Château de Panisseau

  • Château Plombis, Castelsagrat

  • Château Rigaud

  • Chateau du Trichot

  • Château d'Oche, France

  • Château de Pitray, France

  • Eyrignac et ses Jardins, Dordogne

  • Journiac, France

  • Château du Raysse, Cazoulès

  • Luçay-le-Mâle, France

  • Le Moulin de Chazotte

  • Le Château du Molay

  • Saint-Lizier, France

  • Saint-Martin-l'Aiguillon, France

  • Puylagarde, France

  • Bourneau, France

  • Bergerac, Dordogne, France

  • Pessac-sur-Dordogne, France

So if you're looking to hire the finest rock and pop covers band Bordeaux (France) has to offer for your wedding or event, get in touch with Rock Empire.

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